Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Glossary

Sure you probably don't know what the Google Death Penalty is, but neither did we at one point in time. Below is a glossary of terms (jargon, really) seen in the Search Engine Marketing industry. Skim through and impress your friends when they ask about Doorway Pages.

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Off Page Optimization
The creation and proper structuring of links to aid in search engine optimization. Off page optimization can be done both via links from one's own website (internal linking) or via third party websites (external linking).

An example of the power of off page optimization can be found through the Google bomb.

Off page optimization should be coupled with solid on page optimization to maximize keyword rankings.
On Page Optimization
The altering of particular web page factors to aid in search engine optimization. Many inferior SEO agencies and consultants focus on keyword density to the exclusion of other on page factors, and on page optimization to the exclusion of off page optimization through links.
One Way Link
A link received from a site without linking back to that same website. A one way link is typically worth more than a reciprocal link.
Online Reputation Management
The process of actively optimizing web pages in order to help eliminate or greatly reduce negative search results. The goal is to "push" the negative results off the first or second page so that most users will not see them. Often, this process includes creating positive news articles, press releases and/or creating web sites. Reputation management works to save a brand's image.
Open Directory Project
A free website directory. Human-edited, and extremely understaffed, if can be very difficult to get links from the Open Directory Project. When one does, however, they can be fairly powerful links, as the Open Directory Project feeds a large number of other directories, including the Google Directory.

The Open Directory Project is also known as DMOZ.
Open Source
Software that makes a source code available to anyone. Other designers and developers can use this source code to create applications for the software or make improvements. Open source software is unlike proprietary software.
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OpenID simplifies the management of user accounts across multiple websites. Rather than continuously fill out sign up forms for websites, OpenID allows people to use a single identity across the internet. The development and adoption of the OpenID protocol by such big internet players as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft will help bring the tool to the masses, enhancing the user experience and potentially benefiting online businesses that lose visitors to "sign up burn out."
Outline Processor Markup Language is an XML format for outlines.

The most common use being to exchange lists of web feeds between web feed aggregators.
Synonymous with "subscribe". Users request to receive information from a company or website via email. It is good practice for email marketers to only email those users who have opted-in to the service.
Users who once opted in to receive email updates and have now unsubscribed. It is the act of removing oneself from a particular email list.
Organic Search
A term referring to the so called "free" side of a search engine, and the search engine optimization techniques required to rank there.

Also known as natural search.
The acronym for Online Reputation Management.
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Outbound Link
A link going out from one site to another site. Some people believe that outbound links cause PageRank leakage.

The opposite of an outbound link is an inbound link.
The company previously known as Later Overture was purchased by Yahoo! and renamed Yahoo! Sponsored Search.

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