Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Glossary

Sure you probably don't know what the Google Death Penalty is, but neither did we at one point in time. Below is a glossary of terms (jargon, really) seen in the Search Engine Marketing industry. Skim through and impress your friends when they ask about Doorway Pages.

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User Interface (UI) is the aggregate by which users interact with a device, machine, computer program or tool. The UI provides the user with the ability to input data and provides an output to reflect the effects of the users' manipulation.
Uniform Resource Locator
The address system used by the Internet to locate resources such as web sites. A Uniform Resource Locator includes the type of resource being accessed (such as gopher or hypertext), the address of the server, and the location of the file.

Usually abbreviated as URL.
Unique Visitor
The number of individuals who visit a website. If one user visits a website 4 times, the statistics will show that 1 user has visited.
Universal Search
See Google Universal Search.
An abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator.
The measure of how simple it is for a visitor to complete a desired task on a website. Generally, sites with high usability or user-friendliness are more popular and successful than sites that are difficult to use.
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An acronym for Unique Selling Point or Proposition. This is a determining factor in what makes a product or service different from the rest.

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