Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Glossary

Sure you probably don't know what the Google Death Penalty is, but neither did we at one point in time. Below is a glossary of terms (jargon, really) seen in the Search Engine Marketing industry. Skim through and impress your friends when they ask about Doorway Pages.

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Walled Garden
A term used to describe a selection of web pages that are linked together but do not link to any other pages. This can result in low page rankings. These pages can be indexed only if they are included in a Google Analytics.
Web Cookie
See cookie.
Web Crawler
A program which browses the Web in a methodical, automated manner. Web crawlers are mainly used to create a copy of all the visited pages for later indexing by a search engine.
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Web Spider
Alternative name for a web crawler.
Webmaster World
One of the largest and most active search engine marketing forums.

Webmaster World can be found at
White Hat
A controversial and difficult to define concept in search engine optimization that ascertains that certain techniques are actually unethical. Proponents of white hat believe that the manipulation of search engine rankings is unethical.

The opposite of white hat is black hat.
Wikipedia is a web based encyclopedia project that is updated by users. This is a free service and is available in several different languages. Anyone with access to the site can edit articles.
A popular open source blogging platform. Available to users to download as software or free hosting. Download the software at
A third-party keyword tracking and suggestion system. Wordtracker search volume data, while based on a small sample set, is in many ways more reliable than that of the Yahoo Keyword Selector Tool.
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