Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Glossary

Bread Crumbs:

A website interface methodology generally used with large, hierarchical websites such as directories and e-tailers. Each page has links to its parent page, generally placed right before the page's actual content.

Bread crumbs are a cruicial design element for sights that are going to perform well in search engine optimization. For instance, suppose someone searches on the term "Microsoft Office". The resulting page is for Microsoft Office for Windows, and includes a bread crumb structured like this:

Microsoft | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Office for Windows

If the website visitor actually needs Microsoft Office for Macintosh, he can click on the "Microsoft Office" link within the bread crumb, then should be able to click on a link to take him to the page he actually needs.

Bread crumbs also tend to improve a site's internal linking structure and its ability to be effectively indexed by the search engines.

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