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What's New In The Google World? Google Demographic Bidding

Google is taking online ad-targeting to an entirely new level with its new Demographic Bidding feature. After several months of beta testing demographic targeting on content match and placement targeted campaigns, Google has now moved the program out of beta and into full release. This does not affect search campaigns, the campaigns on Google.com; it only impacts content campaigns, the campaigns where Google ads appear with content on other Web sites in the content network.

The new Google Demographic Bidding feature takes AdWords one step further by putting advertisers in control of the demographic groups who view their ads. Apogee finds this to be a perfect fit with our strategy of delivering high ROI campaigns by focusing on highly specific target audiences. AdWords aggregates the demographic data anonymously from participating partner sites so advertisers can target specific groups through demographic bidding. Advertisers with contextual or placement targeting campaigns can both restrict audiences from viewing ads or set varying bids for specific demographic groups.

Demographic Bidding allows you to see the demographic groups that provide the most conversions. Additionally, reports can be generated that show impressions and traffic broken-down by demographic segments. The demographic reports are useful for clients who want to discover more about their existing visitors. Viewing a different click-through rate for different demographics provides additional insight into your target market that can be used for other marketing efforts.

Demographic targeting can also be very useful for campaigns built for branding and awareness. At Apogee Results, one of our clients has an informational site directed towards women. It is difficult to gage the quality of traffic since the client’s goal is not to generate leads or online sales, so demographic targeting to women is especially helpful.

Although demographic targeting can be of value for some companies, it is not a priority for all of them. If a retailer sells snowboards online and knows their main market is men 18-35, they might still want traffic from anyone on a Web site contextually matched to snowboards.

Overall, this feature gives you an opportunity to learn more about your site’s visitors and attain control over your advertising reach and ROAS. At Apogee Results, we're excited that this is available to our advertisers who use content or placement campaigns that would benefit from demographic targeting.

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