Apogee Results Marketing Brief:
Monthly Featured Articles

July 2009
Bing: Will It Live Up To The Hype?
Microsoft’s introduction of Bing has finally thrown a much needed monkey wrench into the Google-dominated search engine market. It has been a month since the launch of Bing and there are already many speculations predicting the future of this buzz-worthy decision engine.

June 2009
Searching Behind the Curtain: Diving Deeper into Multi-Channel Analytics
Do you really know how your search marketing efforts directly impact your overall online initiatives and business goals? For many marketers, it’s not always crystal clear. Web analytics is definitely foundational, but measuring marketing metrics in narrow silos leads to missing valuable, big-picture insight that could change the way you invest your budget. 

May 2009
3 Easy Steps to Supercharge a Struggling Paid Search Campaign
Do you have a paid search campaign that is on its last legs? Perhaps your spending has spiraled out of control and your conversions haven’t budged. Or, like many of us, maybe your performance is fine but your budgets have been slashed, forcing you to produce the same results with less spend. Before you scrap everything and start from scratch, take these three easy steps to save your paid search campaigns.

April 2009
Get the Most Out of Your Online Lead Generation Campaigns
Now more than ever, marketers are hyper-focused on getting the most out of their lead generation investments. Here are nine quick tips to give your current online campaigns a boost and get the highest quality leads coming to your website. 

March 2009
Maximize Your Business' Visibility With Local Search
Consumer shopping habits are ever evolving, especially online, and more so in turbulent economic times. So what is the next “big thing” for reaching buyers online? Many search engine marketers are favoring local search.

February 2009
Don't Break the Bank! Online Marketing Resources to Survive the Recession
Search engines are eagerly reminding advertisers of the numerous opportunities to reinforce optimistic predictions of the SEM industry's resilience to the negative impact of an economic recession. With advertisers demanding more accountability for their dollars, direct marketing efforts take a more prominent role as advertising spending shifts towards performance-based search marketing.

January 2009
What to Expect for Search Engine Marketing in 2009
Last year brought many important changes to the search engine marketing industry, and even more substantial refinements await in 2009. The experts at Apogee Results have compiled a list of their top predictions for search engine marketing in 2009.

December 2008
Search Optimization is Key to eCommerce Success this Holiday Season
Although one third of consumers are expected to spend less this holiday season, the news is not all bad for eCommerce retailers. Nielsen predicts that online sales will grow 9 percent over the 2007 season.

November 2008
Searching for the Next President: Google's Innovative Election Sources and Data
As the 2008 presidential campaign comes to an end, it has become increasingly clearer that traditional methods of campaign advertising are falling second to search engine marketing.

October 2008
Human Interaction: The Future of Search?
Google Labs is currently testing a new search experiment that would revolutionize search and search marketing as we know it -- they will incorporate human interaction with a select group of users.

September 2008
Google Becoming a Major Player in Content Creation
Search engine giant Google is expanding beyond the search realm and is becoming a significant force in the content creation space. As a search engine, Google analyzes Web content to deliver search results.

August 2008
Yahoo! Teams up With Google in an Attempt to Stay Afloat in the Online Search Space
Negotiations between Yahoo! and Microsoft lead to a Yahoo!-Google partnership. Yahoo! will now host Google’s ad share program within its own search engine and web portal.

July 2008
Google Launches New Media Planning Tool
Planning online display advertising can be challenging, particularly in scaling your company’s campaign reach while keeping it relevant for your target audience. To help in the pursuit of efficient and effective online media plans, Google introduced a new tool on June 24, 2008 called Google Ad Planner. 

June 2008
Social Media: Hip, Happening, and How to Use it For SEO
There are a multitude of social media sites, some more popular than others, but the most significant characteristic about social media sites is that they are one of the first forms of media to allow multiple avenues for interactive communication.

May 2008
What's New In The Google World? Google Universal Search
Over the last few quarters, Google has been gradually rolling out a blended search model that provides users a more integrated and comprehensive way to search for and view information online involving more than just typical text-based search results.

April 2008
What's New In The Google World? Google Demographic Bidding
Google is taking online ad-targeting to an entirely new level with its new Demographic Bidding feature. Google Demographic Bidding takes AdWords one step further by putting advertisers in control of the demographic groups who view their ads.