Paid Search Marketing Tips

Getting the Most from Google Content Match
Google AdSense ads are everywhere. According to Google, this content network of websites reaches over 80% of Internet users worldwide. If you are looking for additional traffic, this is a great place to start.

Bid Management Basics
One of the most fundamental questions a paid search advertiser must answer is "How much should I bid?" These basic concepts will guide you to making the right bid decisions for the keywords in your campaigns.

Working With Negative Keywords
There seem to be two schools of thought on keyword generation: Broad Match and Standard Match. Both have benefits, but neither is sufficient. Negative Match is an overlooked way to combine both of these strategies, while maximizing both the quantity and quality of your traffic.

Snakes on a Plane & Search Advertising
What does this hyped box office bomb have to do with search engine marketing? Conversions. No, not the religious sort, unless you’re religious about tracking (which, come to think of it, you should be).

Ad Copy Optimization with Display URLs
Pop Quiz: How many lines of text can you have in a Google ad? Answer: 4, if you're clever. Learn the importance of optimizing display URLs in your AdWords ads!

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