Paid Search Marketing Tips

Ad Copy Optimization with Display URLs

Pop Quiz: How many lines of text can you have in a Google ad?
Answer: 4, if you're clever.

Advertisers spend lots of time creating an eye-catching title and two lines of targeted body text, but sometimes overlook the importance of the display URL. We even see ads in competitive spaces with an orphaned / at the end of the URL, making the ad look messy (, but a great display URL goes beyond being clean and correct.

Capitalization is allowed in the display URL, so make sure to use it. Capitalize the first letter of the URL, and if your URL contains multiple words, capitalize the first letter of each word. looks a lot better than

Display URLs don't have to start with www. If the URL contains words that describe the product or company, it can really read like a 4th line of text without the leading w's. Consider versus

If your URL does not describe your company or product, consider using a subdomain or landing page with relevant keywords, like or Remember to create a corresponding page in case someone tries to visit that page directly.

Of course, different tactics work for different companies, so always test to see what works best for you!

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