Optimize PPC Spend and Recession-Proof Your Online Lead Generation Investment

Everyone is talking about helping you get more bang for your marketing buck, but few actually know how to do it. In an economy where every expenditure is scrutinized, you must be able to defend each investment by showing real value. Testing, measuring and optimizing online is less expensive, easier and quicker than with traditional channels. However, most marketers are still leaving revenue generating opportunities on the table by not taking advantage of a few simple yet effective online lead generation strategies.

Apogee Search's President and CEO Bill Leake and Akin Arikan, author and Director of Product Strategy and Marketing at Unica, will discuss real strategies that you can use now to recession-proof your online lead generation activities.

You will learn how to:

  • Find hidden treasures in the integration of web analytics with search marketing and marketing automation
  • Drive better performance from your internal team and vendors
  • Surface, and then dramatically shrink, the huge cost of poor quality leads
  • Easily integrate your online and offline marketing efforts to drive superior ROI

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