Search Marketing White Papers
White Papers from Apogee Results,
our team, and their previous ventures

General Search Marketing

9 Strategies to Significantly Improve Your Online Lead Generation Campaigns
Essential techniques you may have yet to implement to boost your online lead generation campaigns.

How to Avoid Search Engine Marketing Malpractice
How to Spot and Avoid the Predators of Search Engine Marketing Malpractice.

Natural Search (SEO)

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Natural Search Agency
Learn the questions you should ask any prospective search engine optimization firm.

Paid Search (PPC)

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Paid Search Management Firm
Learn the questions you should ask any prospective paid search advertising agency.

Stop Wasting Money! Reduce Spend Without Reducing Overall Performance of Your PPC Campaigns
Discover 7 key strategies to help reduce your PPC campaign spend without impacting performance.

Revitalize a Struggling Paid Search Campaign in 3 Easy Steps
Learn how to save a failing paid search campaign in 3 simple steps.

PPC: Do You Want to Play Inside or Outside?
Should your paid search campaign be operated in-house, or outsourced?

The Top 5 Things To Consider When Evaluating PPC Tools
Learn the top five things to consider when evaluating pay-per-click management systems.


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