PPC a la Carte

Apogee Results’s a la Carte services will enhance your existing Paid Search campaign or help you launch a successful one. These services are a great option for those who wish to manage their PPCcampaigns in-house but do not have the budget for ongoing management, or need an expert to evaluate your existing campaign. PPC A la Carte services can also be bundled for maximum results and efficiencies.

The team of experts at Apogee will ensure that your vital investment is used to its fullest potential through the PPC Start-up and PPC Audit offerings.

PPC Start-up
Apogee will launch your Paid Search Advertising campaign properly, saving you time and money, and taking the risk out of the process.

If you would like to manage your Paid Search campaign in-house, but do not have the time, personnel, or the expertise to start-up an effective campaign, the experts at Apogee can develop one for you.

Apogee starts by selecting specific keywords by reviewing your website and other current marketing materials. Our analysts will use a mix of the best in class third party and proprietary research tools to select keywords. We will then organize those keywords into logical ad groups and campaigns, which will provide you with easy, ongoing campaign management.

Apogee will write ad copy for each ad group, select target landing pages for the ad groups, and customize your ad copy for specific search engines. Apogee will also help with any potential trademark or copyright issues. Another element of the start-up process is submitting your PPC campaign to the essential search engines. Our specialists will upload keywords, ad copy, and target ad groups, as well as define match types and identify negative keywords. We will also set target landing pages and implement all conversion codes in the search engines.

The final step is handing off the campaign to you. Apogee can continue to provide support for all your questions and concerns, including allocating time to review the campaign start-up and organization.

PPC Audit
A Paid Search Audit meticulously reviews a current Paid Search campaign, resulting in expert recommendations for improving a campaign’s overall performance or lowering spending. Through an audit, Apogee’s specialists can offer a second perspective, breathing new life into any existing Paid Search campaign.

Whether you are currently running your campaign in-house or through an agency, we can analyze several aspects of your campaign and provide you with the tools necessary for success, saving you time and money.

Within just two to three weeks, Apogee can complete your Paid Search Audit. We will start by reviewing your entire campaign, analyze your current keyword list, and identify other potential keyword groups to expand your reach. Our specialists will also suggest negative keywords in order to refine your traffic.

Apogee also reviews your current ad copy and will propose improvements if necessary. We will investigate your bid levels and the ROI of top or bottom performing keywords. Finally, we will perform a heuristic evaluation of your top landing pages that will ultimately increase the quality of your traffic.

Apogee is dedicated to providing a suite of services tailored to each and every valued client. Whether you need us to create a new campaign or confirm that your current campaign is performing at its maximum potential, Apogee will work hard to meet your online marketing goals. Order an a la Carte item from Apogee’s PPC menu of services today.

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