Ethical Search Engine Optimization Commitment

No ethical search engine optimization firm is willing or able to guarantee the results of its services. In fact, Google itself recommends that companies avoid those that do make such guarantees.

We do, however assert the following:

1. Apogee Results guarantees that we will follow established SEO best practices, and that the quality of our service meets or exceeds published search engine standards.

2. We adhere to the American Marketing Association Code of Ethics and the Direct Marketing Association Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice.

3. Apogee Results will never violate the Google Terms of Service, the Yahoo! Terms of Service, the MSN Search Terms of Use, or any information presented in Google Information for Webmasters.

4. Apogee Results promises that our optimization services will be geared towards improving the performance of your website and your company. We will neither intentionally nor subversively target keywords that have minimal traffic, in order to quickly and easly show improved rankings. We will optimize your site for a mutually agreed upon selection of high impact and/or strategic important keywords, so that the ROI of our SEO services is maximized.

5. Apogee Results guarantees to never use prohibited or questionable practices such as:

  1. Mirror pages and sites
  2. Throwaway or shadow domains
  3. Cloaking
  4. Doorway pages
  5. Link farms
  6. Improper redirects
  7. Automatic submissions systems
  8. Hidden or invisible links/text
  9. Special browser software/toolbars
  10. Paid search advertising arbitrage
  11. Keyword stuffing
  12. Spyware, adware or other scumware

6. In addition to not using the aformentioned practices, Apogee Results promises to take an active role in policing our industry, and will report instances of #5 we find to the appropriate locations such as Google's Report a Spam Result and Yahoo!'s Help Feedback.

7. Apogee Results promises a transparent and open process. We will clearly explain any steps that we recommend to be taken on behalf of your site and/or company - before any changes take place. We will never intionally mislead you or your company.

8. Apogee Results guarantees that we will always have clearly traceable business structures. Our business is registered in the State of Texas as Leads Customers Growth, LLC, and our business contact information in Austin is clearly stated on this site.

9. Any fees and/or charges will be approved up front, prior to their being incurred.

10. A constantly changing landscape is a fact of life in the search engine industry. Apogee Results guarantees that our SEO professionals will remain at the cutting edge of this discipline, ensuring your website adhears to SEO best practices at all times.

11. The management and staff of Apogee Results guarantee to strive every day for immediate responsiveness, vicious attention to detail, bottom-line reliability and personal courtesy.

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