Top Yahoo Rankings

Below you will find a representative sample of the Yahoo rankings we have achieved for our clients. Click on the ranking to see a screenshot.

Client Search Term Ranking SERPs * Last Updated
Academic Superstore Academic Discount 2nd 24,000,000 05/06/08
Academic Software 1st 117,000,000 05/06/08
Student Software 2nd 322,000,000 05/06/08
Advance Restaurant Finance Restaurant Loan 3rd 23,400,000 02/23/07
Apogee Results Affiliate Management Austin 1st 1,560,000 05/30/06
Austin Search Engine Marketing 2nd 7,520,000 05/30/06
Natural Search 1st 174,000,000 05/30/06
Natural SEO 1st 3,110,000 03/14/06
Paid Search Austin 2nd 5,530,000 03/24/06
Paid Search Marketing 3rd 29,900,000 03/27/06
Search Engine Marketing Austin 1st 7,520,000 05/30/06
SEO Austin 1st 1,250,000 03/14/06
Barking Hound Village Atlanta Dog Lodging 1st 491,000 05/31/06
Austin Dog Lodging 1st 390,000 05/31/06
ClearCube Blade PC 1st 8,050,000 05/31/06
PC Blade 1st 8,180,000 05/31/06
Don Cox Austin Office Space 2nd 6,800,000 05/30/06
Leads Customers Growth Austin Internet Marketing 1st 6,370,000 05/31/06
B2B Internet Marketing Agency 1st 1,090,000 05/31/06
LifeSize Video Conference Equipment 3rd 119,000,000 01/10/08
Video Conference System 1st 317,000,000 01/10/08
Maternity Card Maternity Health Care 2nd 9,380,000 05/31/06
Pregnancy Card 1st 6,920,000 05/31/06
Net Simplicity Room Booking Software 1st 1,780,000 05/31/06
Room Scheduling 5th 6,860,000 05/31/06
Pinion Software Document Security 10th 60,500,000 05/30/06
Technical Rights Management 1st 49,100,000 05/30/06

* SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Pages, and refers to the number of pages that match for a particular term. It is one measure of the relative competitiveness of search terms.

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