Search Engine Marketing Training

Build a World Class Search Engine Marketing Team - Within Your Own Company

Learn Search Engine Marketing Best Practices 
Effective search engine marketing is highly profitable, but poorly managed campaigns lead to high costs with little to no ROI.

Apogee Results can provide your company with all the tools and techniques to develop and manage high return Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search (PPC) campaigns. We can provide training sessions in person or through interactive web conferences. Apogee’s Search Engine Marketing Training is ideal for clients who do not desire ongoing campaign management or those who need a jumpstart on a new campaign.

SEO Training
Apogee’s SEO Training will educate your team on the industry’s best practices in order to execute a successful campaign.

At Apogee, we offer several options of SEO Training including:

  • SEO 101
    • Search engine basics
    • Intro to On Page & Off page factors that are important in search engine algorithms
  • Advanced SEO
    • Advanced On Page techniques
    • Advanced Link Building
    • Testing, Tracking & ROI (client must have tracking installed prior to training)
  • How to Write for the Web (media focused)
    • Best methods of writing for the web
    • How to include keywords in website content, articles, and other marketing materials located on your website
  • Local Search
    • Where to submit your website
    • How to optimize your website for local searches
  • Customized Training
    • Specific recommendations for implementing SEO best practices on your site
    • Customized research into your industry & competitors

PPC Training
Through detailed training sessions, focused on several aspects of Paid Search, Apogee can help you launch a successful PPC campaign. All PPC Training is customized to your company’s specific needs.

PPC Training will focus on the following areas:

  • Keyword Generation/Expansion
    • Match type adjustments
    • Negative keywords and keyword categorization
  • Ad copy
    • How to perform the most effective ad copy testing
    • Ideas for new ads and ad copy
    • When and how to use dynamic keyword insertion
  • Bid Management
    • Bid management strategies for your goals
    • What kinds of web tools you should use
    • Rules of thumb, including statistical significance
  • Quality Score
    • Manage your quality score through keyword selection, keyword organization, ad copy, and landing pages
  • Content Network Campaigns
    • Keywords for content
    • Ads for content
    • Excluding sites & optimizing campaigns
  • Additional Tactics
    • Dayparting
    • Geo-targeting
    • Setting appropriate daily budgets
    • Placement targeted campaigns

Apogee’s Search Engine Marketing Training will provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you launch a profitable search engine marketing campaign. From basic SEO training to advanced PPC bid management strategies, Apogee can help you succeed with all your online marketing efforts.