Metrics and Analytics: CRM Integration

Whether your sales cycle lasts days or months, Apogee Results’s CRM Integration Services offering will integrate your online marketing campaigns and your website with your CRM system, enabling end to end measurement.

What is Apogee’s CRM Integration Services?
Apogee has developed a simple, seamless solution for integrating data from your online marketing campaigns and website into your CRM system. This solution allows you to pull the key data elements from your campaign into or other similar CRM applications. This service can be performed during the setup of a Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization, or Social Marketing campaign. It can also be done on a mature campaign that has already been optimized based on lead quantity.

CRM Integration is a simple code library and set of CRM application customizations that capture key online data elements about the campaign that attracts a visitor to your website. It then adds this data to the lead record as your site visitor completes their lead form. Our team of specialists can execute the coding and CRM customization. Apogee’s CRM Integration service is compatible with several different CRM systems including, SalesLogix and Sugar CRM.

Implementing Apogee’s CRM Integration service can take from 2-3 days to a couple of weeks, depending on the number of lead forms you have on your website.

Why Metrics and Analytics Matter
Success for B2B marketers can be measured by the amount of increased conversion rates. Conversion rates from lead to sale vary by keyword, by search engine, and even by landing page.

Apogee’s experience with numerous successful online B2B campaigns has given us the knowledge to prevent initiatives, optimized by only focusing on the number of opportunities, from falling victim to shallow successes, or keywords that generate leads but rarely generate sales. Using the data made available to us, our CRM Integration service solution will reveal which keywords are generating the “junk” leads, providing a more accurate measurement of your conversion rates.

Let Apogee improve your online marketing campaigns through successful integration into your CRM systems, measuring your leads and bringing you maximum results.

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