Converstion Rate Improvement:
Landing Page Testing and Design

Landing Page Testing and Design is integral to the success of a paid search or other online marketing campaign. Make sure your website is getting the most out of the traffic you are paying for.

Apogee will design and build high quality landing pages specific to your campaign, utilizing our years of search marketing experience. We integrate these pages with your web analytics system for consistent tracking.

Apogee believes strongly in continual testing in order to achieve the best results. Our consultants will optimize the landing pages using Google Website Optimizer or other industry leading testing tools in order to reach the highest conversion rate possible. 

Does your business have a complex sales cycle or does your lead quality vary dramatically? In that case, we will take the optimization a step further, integrating your lead forms into your CRM application in order to optimize your landing pages not only on raw conversions but on ability to generate qualified leads and sales.

Landing page testing and design can be completed as part of an Apogee paid search management engagement, or can be prepared separately. Pages that are tested will need to have a significant amount of traffic.

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"Apogee was a tremendous partner in helping us implement Google Website Optimizer. They educated us on the value of the tool and then helped us implement a program that improved our conversion rates by 216%!"