Metrics and Analytics

Your successes in your online marketing efforts are based on both the quality and quantity of the data you have and your ability to utilize it. The successes that Apogee Results has achieved for our clients are based on two simple facts: We make it our business to acquire more useful data and we use that data fast and smart, and always staying competitive.

Apogee has developed a full range of services that assist our clients in getting the data they need in order to succeed online.

CRM and Online Marketing Integration
For B2B companies, CRM systems like are critical to your success. However; it will only be as useful as the data in the system. Unfortunately, Salesforce does not capture the search engine nor distinguish between paid and organic search, much less capture the individual keyword that brought a visitor to your site.

Apogee’s CRM integration solution can correctly link up your online marketing campaigns, landing pages, and lead forms, and your CRM system to give you the data you need to be successful.

Web Analytics Strategy, Implementation and Support
Web analytics applications provide data on the source of visitors to your site, the behavior of these visitors, and the key actions or conversions they perform on your site. To help you take full advantage of this data, Apogee has developed 6 packaged service engagements to meet your online measurement needs.

These range from implementing Google Analytics, Hitslink, Omniture, or Coremetrics; reconciling data between you web analytics system and other sources like Salesforce; performing a code audit of your current implementation or; choosing the right application for you or; creating a comprehensive web measurement strategy, Apogee’s Website Effectiveness, or training your team to get the most from your tools.

Metrics and Analytics:

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