Converstion Rate Improvement:
Strategic Persona Modeling

What is a Persona Model?
A persona is a rich description of a representative customer including their needs, values, career position, online habits, and decision making processes. Persona models turn faceless website visitors into real people that you can connect with.By using the value triggers of each persona, making decisions about website content, navigation, and features are greatly simplified. The value transcends your website. Once created, personas can also be used throughout your company to drive marketing and sales activities.

To create this model, Apogee will meet with key players from marketing, sales, and/or product management either individually or in groups. These interviews will help Apogee discover important details about your current customers, ideal prospects, and visitors to avoid. When possible, Apogee will poll select customers to better target and attract a new consumer base, as well as retain long term customers.

The demographic and psychographic information gathered in these interviews is combined with common typology-driven (e.g. Jung-Myers-Briggs) personality profiles, CRM and web analytics data, and our deep industry experience with online marketing to create persona models.

Persona Models will include:

  • Goal setting
  • Determining a point of site entry
  • Establishing vital value triggers
  • Gathering key information before taking action
  • Identifying friction points and obstacles
Apogee values your time and resources, and will help you create a plan that provides the most value with your available resources.

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