Testing and Measurement

To guarantee efficient and profitable site performance, it is essential to implement a series of web page tests since the smallest of changes to your site can end up costing you valuable time and money.

At Apogee Results, we are proud to offer specialized testing, including A/B and Multivariate testing, to our clients. Our specialists will take steps to ensure that our clients’ conversion rates will continually increase instead, preventing plummeting numbers due to minor mistakes.

A/B vs. Multivariate Testing: Choose the Right Testing for Your Site
Apogee uses A/B testing and/or Multivariate testing, depending on the amount of variables that will need to be tested. A/B testing is the preferred method of testing for any major layout or site design changes.  A/B testing is also an option for sites that experience low traffic, since only a few variations will be tested. This kind of testing can be implemented with no special tools and with your current tracking system.  Pages for A/B testing can be created by the specialists at Apogee or by the client.

Multivariate testing is a more in-depth method of testing that examines numerous variables. It is used as an important tool in aiding in the success of Paid Search campaigns. Paid Search landing pages that do not undergo ongoing testing can experience a decline in their conversion rates over a period of time. Continuous testing can keep content fresh while always improving your conversion rate. 

Additionally, testing can serve as market research for your broader online marketing efforts. For example, if a particular offer, image, or message is especially compelling on one landing page, it might be valuable in other campaigns.

Apogee’s Plan for Implementation and Success
Our specialists will also set up optimization tools that will test the effectiveness of your landing pages, ultimately driving more traffic to your site. We use both Google Website Optimizer and other optimization tools which may require an additional, yet worthy investment.  These tools can allow for key decisions to be made with less traffic, as well as offer other added features such as multi-conversion analysis and integration with CRM systems.

Through our knowledge of coding coupled with our experience and expertise in implementing successful methods of testing, Apogee can bring new ideas to your existing variable content or suggest ideas for new variables, ultimately helping you avoid future costly setbacks.

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