Metrics and Analytics: Implementing and Reviewing Web Analytics Systems

Do you need help choosing which data to use and deciding the actions to take based on that data? Or do you need technical help implementing a tool or reviewing and updating the code for your analytics package? Perhaps your issue is reconciling the data in your Web Analytics system that just does not match Google/Yahoo/MSN, email partners, affiliates, Salesforce, or your shopping engine.

If these are problems you are encountering, Apogee Results’s Web Analytics services can help. Apogee has taken our experience with Web Analytics and online marketing to focus on 6 key areas to help you overcome these issues.

Web Analytics Implementation
Apogee’s team of experts has developed a proven process for quickly converting your website’s key actions into tracking requirements. We then use this to implement your Web Analytics application quickly and correctly. Depending on the size of your site and how defined your site’s goals are, Apogee can complete this process in approximately 1 – 3 weeks.

Implementation Coding Review
Web Analytics tools tend to experience a data drift over time. This has many causes but the chief culprits are pages without tags, pages with duplicate tags, or tags sending incorrect actions. Apogee has developed an implementation code review that can analyze your site to identify and fix these issues.

Data Audit & Reconciliation
Often combined with the Implementation Coding Review, we can examine your Web Analytics data and compare it to other data sources such as Google/Yahoo/MSN, your email partner, Salesforce, or your shopping engine. We then identify the most accurate source and the reasons for differences between the data sources. In some cases, the differences are caused by issues with the data tracking methodology or definitions of metrics between two systems. In other cases, the differences may be caused by technical issues within the implementation. We will identify the source of the technical issues and resolve them if necessary.

Analytics Application Selection
Are you uncertain of which analytics application will meet your needs? Apogee’s specialists have helped many clients resolve this dilemma. In our Web Analytics Selection engagement, we will meet with you to discuss your needs and leverage our years of experience in recommending the right application. Apogee can implement this process in 3 - 7 business days for clients with simpler needs or roughly 20 business days for clients with more complex needs.

Do you have a tool in place but your team is unable to initiate it? Apogee’s Web Analytics Training program can help you and your team get started or, if you are already past the beginning stages, we can help you use the advanced features to unlock deeper insights.

Web Analytics Strategy
The great advantage of online marketing is its measurability. If you choose to, you can measure and optimize for almost any metric. Pinpointing the right data that measures your day to day performance can be a difficult task if you are filtering through all of your site’s data. Apogee’s Web Analytics Strategy will help you review the data you want, giving you answers to these critical questions:

  • Which data should you collect?
  • What are your key performance indicators?
  • How often should you review the data? Review what?
  • Who should use this data?
  • Which sources are primary for each metric?
Apogee’s experience with both online marketing and Web Analytics practices will give you a better understanding of your site’s visitors and provide proven solutions for all your Web Analytics issues.

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