Converstion Rate Improvement:
Website Heuristic Evaluation

The goal of the Heuristic Evaluation engagement is to improve your conversion rate through an in-depth analysis of your website based on industry best practices, Apogee experience and experiments, and your own analytics data.

Because Apogee focuses on your individual goals and needs, we will first acquaint ourselves with your company in order to understand your specific goals and target audience. We will also investigate your competitors and identify key features that are successful for them. We may suggest ways to incorporate similar elements into your own website without compromising your unique business identity.

The Heuristic Evaluation will analyze your:

  • Homepage
  • Key product and service pages
  • Landing pages
  • Navigation and information architecture
  • Calls to action
  • Lead forms and lead bait
  • Purchase processes
The end result of the Heuristic Evaluation is a detailed list of the positives and negatives of your website and prioritized, actionable recommendations for resolving the issues.

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