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Boost your website’s conversion rates with Google Website Optimizer!

Google Website Optimizer (GWO) is a testing tool that performs A/B and Multivariate testing on websites, landing pages and other web properties to help online advertisers increase their conversion rates and achieve optimal performance. The results from these tests can determine the most effective combination of content and landing page design.

As a Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC), Apogee Results offers highly-skilled Google Website Optimizer set-up, support, training, and consultation services that include:

  • Turnkey testing
    • Expert experiment design
    • Creation of new landing page elements to test (or entirely new pages)
    • Tactical set up and implementation
    • Follow up analysis and recommendations
  • A la carte consultation
  • Personalized training

What results can I expect?
You can expect to achieve significant improvements to your conversion rates, faster data/experiment turnaround, and reduced overall business risk.

  • Apogee has achieved conversion improvements of well over 100% through Google Website Optimizer, with results averaging between 20-25%.
  • You will receive data faster since you can test multiple options simultaneously.
  • If any elements are unsuccessful, we can easily eliminate them. Therefore, unlike many conversion improvement attempts (such as a new, qualitative web redesign) you have very little risk to current site performance.

Who can benefit?
Online advertisers who want more website leads or sales.

Is Google Website Optimizer just for paid search landing pages?
No, GWO is not just for paid search landing pages. GWO has the ability to test your homepage, product pages, shopping cart pages, lead form pages or any page on your site; or pages on a partner’s website that have an impact on conversion, leads, and sales.

How much traffic do I need?
For an A/B test, you can receive as few as 20 conversions per month.  For a successful Multivariate test, you need approximately 100 conversions per month that go through your test page.

Do I need technical and design resources, or will Apogee do everything?
Apogee can take care of all of the design and implementation, if desired. Apogee also provides varying packages from up-front consulting and analysis, to end-to-end implementation.

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Apogee Results is one of just a handful of certified Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC) companies worldwide, and the only pure-play search engine marketing firm with this recognition.

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