Ad Exchange Management

What is an Ad Exchange?
An Ad Exchange is a type of banner ad network that allows advertisers to bid for banner ad placement on websites in much the same way that search marketers bid on keywords in PPC search advertising campaigns. The most popular Ad Exchange is the Google Site Targeting Network, which reaches 64% of all Internet users.

Advantages of Ad Exchange Campaigns
Banner ad campaigns run on ad exchange networks have many advantages over traditional ad networks and direct media buys. Ad Exchange campaigns allow advertisers to:

  • Make micro-buys across hundreds or thousands of websites to determine where ads perform best.
  • Set unique maximum CPM levels for each website, which provides the ability to optimize campaigns to a target Cost Per Action (CPA) or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).
  • Get better coverage of the Internet population since ad exchange networks have a much wider website selection than any ad network.

Benefits to Advertisers
Online advertisers have an insatiable appetite for any marketing channel that can be optimized to an ROI metric as is seen with the success of PPC search and online affiliate marketing. Once advertisers can be assured of a positive return on investment, increasing volume becomes the primary concern. Ad exchange networks provide an additional channel beyond search and affiliate marketing to obtain sales volume while still maintaining target ROI numbers.

Why Apogee Services?
While the advantages of running banner ad campaigns on ad exchange networks are undeniable, they require a dramatically higher level of management. New data management and tracking processes must be put in place, which often exceed the available resources that in-house marketing departments have available. Apogee Results’s new service allows online advertisers to reap the benefits of ad exchange campaigns without having to develop additional in-house systems or competencies.

Apogee Results has successfully managed ad exchange and Google Site Targeting campaigns for clients since the inception of the service, and now its dedicated service offering allows clients to reap the benefits of the online advertising channel. Apogee Results’s management services empower companies to do extensive testing across hundreds or thousands of Web sites to determine where their offers will perform best, which is not possible with direct media buys or by using a traditional ad network.

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