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The Apogee Approach
We provide a complete and customized setup of all your Google Pay-Per-Click accounts. Beginning with a search volume and competitive analysis we create a large number of keywords related to your product that will drive qualified visitors to your site.

With our professionally managed services expect fully customized ad copy creation, detailed management and analysis of your account, along with many more services designed to establish a rapid gain in leads and sales of your target market.

Measurable Results
At the beginning of your Google PPC campaign, you set a maximum cost-per-click (CPC) for each of your Ad Groups. An Ad Group contains one or more ads targeted to the same set of keywords with the same CPC. The position of your ad on the Search Results page is based on the maximum CPC mixed with the clickthrough rate of your ad.

The higher the CPC you set, and the higher your ad's clickthrough rate, the higher your ad's position. In Google Pay Per Click you are rewarded if your ads are well-targeted and relevant to searchers.

What to Watch For
Unless your pockets have the same depth as a Fortune 500 companies it is more cost-effective for you to bid on less popular keywords.

By developing an ad with effective writing you can sometimes pass the competitor in front of you, in clicks; even though they may be bidding more than your ad.

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