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What to Watch for
Know when to say, "When." PPC advertising can become costly for those whose only concern is bidding on more popular keywords. Overbidding is a fast way to exhaust all of your advertising dollars.

At the same time underbidding on weak keywords is a great way to get absolutely nothing accomplished. Before starting a PPC ad campaign on any search engine it's important to know all the facts and practices used by the provider.

The Apogee Approach
Apogee provides your company with a fully managed program for PPC advertising that can include accounts with Google, Yahoo, and other popular search engines. We work with you to set up an effective web tracking solution to monitor, manage, and optimize your web presence.

Measurable Results
Pay Per Click Advertising is the most effective and fastest way to promote your site or business online. Today, the biggest pay per click advertising programs are offered by Google and Yahoo.

Google's program (AdWords) delivers targeted pay per click advertisements through its own search engines. Yahoo, previously Overture, has a selection of specialized pay per click advertising programs. To produce effective PPC advertisements you must bid on selected keyword phrases, write persuasive ad copy and have well written pages to provide an easier click-through rate.

More popular keywords have higher bid prices. Careful fine tuning of your site's content and knowledge of specific customer keywords eliminate costly and sometimes inefficient bidding.

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