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What to Watch for
Know what method your professional is using. There are several - some good, some unethical, and some that plain don't work. The best way to improve a site's rank is by building links. A knowledgeable SEO professional knows the right paid and free listings that will help your site's ranking.

There is a variety of spamming or spamdexing methods a SEO "professional" can use to better a site's rank, and after search engines discover this malpractice, ranking is no longer a problem. Thanks to methods like these, your site will enjoy an extended hiatus on some of the biggest search engines in the world.

SEO copywriting is an ethical, but impractical method of ranking. It focuses on the over-optimization of keywords and phrases inside a site's content, thus making it virtually unreadable to the reader. When rhetoric is jumbled into a page solely for ranking purposes it gives the site an incoherent and unprofessional tone.

The Apogee Approach
At Apogee we understand that properly managed SEO does not merely increase web traffic volume on your site. Instead, it drives highly qualified visitors that are most likely to convert into sales.

Apogee Results' SEO will help your site be ranked at the top of today's most popular natural search engines, all while converting highly qualified visitors into sales through:

• Identifying the correct and most qualified keywords
• Quality Link tracking, both free and paid links
• Customized creation of website copy
• Placing relevant keyword links in text
• Analyzing your competitors' SEO and developing the best online marketing strategy.

Measurable Results
A professional SEO fully comprehends the purpose and function of site ranking. In turn they design a comprehensive and thorough keyword base, to carefully optimize every page element to ensure relevant content.

Professional SEO's understand and are aware that if a site is to be continually ranked higher in search engines a variety of tactical methods must be used to increase the site's visibility and qualified traffic.

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