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What to Watch for
Make sure your consultant wears a white hat. An SEO consultant can either use "white hat SEO" or "black hat SEO" as methods of ranking your site.

Black hat SEO uses Spamdexing in order to manipulate a search engine's ranking. These types of methods can get your site removed from some of the biggest search engines in the world.

White hat SEO, on the other hand, uses legitimate methods of promotion to better the position of your site ranking on some of the biggest search engines in the world.

The Apogee Approach
Our SEO Consultants use ethical metrics and practices to build your site's longevity in search engine ranking. We benchmark, measure and report how specific keywords are performing to constantly improving your search rankings. A properly designed and executed SEO campaign will drive highly qualified visitors to your site that are most likely to convert into sales.

Measurable Results
SEO consultants fine tune optimization campaigns for clients that have opted for this service. SEO experts understand clients' specific business needs, both immediate and long-term.

SEO specialists can also analyze your competitors' SEO and develop the best online marketing strategy. After detailed research, SEO consultants will submit a client's site to appropriate directories for proper indexing in major search engines.

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