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What to Watch for
Just like other search engine, Yahoo uses algorithms designed to match specific aspects of given keyword combinations to rank your site.

However there are some strict rules enforced on SEO content. Any site that impairs the accuracy of search results, or any site that directly tries to link to another site are just a few examples that could cause a site to be banished from the Yahoo kingdom.

The Apogee Approach
Our key to creating your site's best Yahoo position is testing, testing, testing. We consistently run reports on the effectiveness of keywords generated by our experts. This way, keywords that generate leads and/or sales are certain to be focused on.

Measurable Results
Yahoo SEO has two consistent interests in search engine optimization- quality and relevancy of advertiser listings. The basic rule is that submitted search terms must have a strong relationship to the content, purpose or theme of an advertiser's site.

The site should possess relevant content that is obviously reflective of the search term's meaning. If a user is unlikely to type a submitted search terms you are unlikely to achieve targeted leads. When writing new terms for Yahoo search engine optimization it is important to make sure the search term is used in the corresponding titles and descriptions.

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